Thursday, April 28, 2016

Starts are rough!

"If we don't make a choice about how we spend our time, how we think about something, if we don't make a choice about whatever work we do, the commitments we make , someone will choose for us." - Diane Sanfilippo 

Today is Day 1 -- or was suppose to be -- I'm on the fence of if I should actually count today as day one. 

Last night I didn't sleep well therefore my morning routine was delayed ... or rushed depending on how you want to look at it. Habit took over -- I FORGOT I was starting this detox -- how did I FORGET? Because while I read the plan and had a small plan in place I didn't yet clean out my cupboards so -- out of habit as I was rushing around brushing my hair, getting dressed and brushing my teeth all seemingly at the same time the bagel I had got popped into the toaster. The Coffee got poured into my travel mug, butter spread on the bagel, in my carry dish and out the door I went.  It wasn't until I was half way to work and about done my bagel I realized what I had done. 

I have a 40 minute commute to work each day.  I usually use this time to eat my breakfast, drink my coffee and mentally plan my day. Clearly I will need to prepare some breakfast options that are easy to eat on the road as this is a habit I have an I enjoy -- it helps pass the ridiculous time I sit in traffic. 

I didn't go to the grocery store yet so here it is lunchtime and i'm hungry -- (I've only had that said bagel) so it's off to the grocery store to make a salad at the salad bar for lunch and the grocery store on the way home. 

Just a quick little update --- I'll have a longer one later tonight when I get home with my grocery and have a change to find my tape to do measurements and photos. 

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