Tuesday, May 17, 2016

2 days ...

I'm down to two days left ... thinking back do day 1 I never thought I'd reach this point of the 21 days ... I thought it was SO far away and I would for sure fail -- I mean I always do right? But nope ... I haven't -- at least that I know of? 

However, today is by far my worst day.  I feel like crap -- didn't want to get out of bed - random sharp pains in my stomach, and insanely moody and cranky. So my guess is that my "TOM" is probably happening and my body is all like we don't know what to do -- so this should be a fun experience.

I made salmon patties last night for the first time and they were really good. I was pretty proud of myself.  I made quite the mess making them so clean up rather sucked but they were good -- far better then just the chicken or salads I feel like I've been eating forever. It was a nice change.  I can't remember ever having salmon before so maybe my body is not fond of them? I guess I'll find out tonight when I heat up some leftovers! 

This has been a crazy 19 days and its taught me that I can say no and I can other alternatives and I've learned to feed my body not my brain or my heart. 

With that said.  Thursday morning  you better believe I am having some pancakes! Defeats the purpose probably but I also know I can't deprive myself forever.. so pancakes, chocolate ones, I will be having... and then i'll reset again.  Maybe i'll get sick and I'll know for sure!  

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