Monday, May 2, 2016

Aches, Pains and Exhaustion.... YUP it's here!

I've heard it, I've read about it and I've dreaded it.  

The point in which you feel like your body is giving up. Luckily tonight when I get home from work I don't HAVE to do much -- sure there is stuff I should be doing so if the weather is cooperative I plan on going for my walk, getting in my steps and cooking up a new meal and then vegging out for the rest of the night and maybe even going to bed early -- I have to get past the "I'm gonna miss something" if I go to bed early deal I suffer from.  I need to give my body the rest it needs... 

Yesterday was a great day! I had amazing energy (Not sure where it all went) I got my house all cleaned, my work all done and one of my best friends who I love dearly surprised me by driving oh probably 5 hours out of his way just to take me lunch. The sun came out, the food was great and the company was perfect.  Goodbyes suck - probably more for me then him. 

However, we ended up eating lunch at Hickory Tavern -- I love their food.  Or well I did before -- I was bound to find something to eat that I was going to choose for myself. He wanted to make sure I was up for the challenge and was super supportive on helping me find something that fit what I've been working on -- of course that didn't stop him from getting the fried shrimp poor boy with tater tots and a soda but it didn't' even bother me -- I got him to try on of my Brussels sprouts so that was enough for me :) especially when it was followed by a not so bad he could work with it after adamantly saying he didn't like them.... Success! 

Here are some photos of our lunches.  I got the Grilled chicken with a butter and garlic sauce, mushrooms and onions with a side of steamed broccoli and cheese along with the Brussels sprouts and bacon with the balsamic flavoring. A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. The End. 

After he said goodbye I did some work and then decided I was getting in my steps and headed to the park behind my apartment building.  I got a good 2 mile walk in -- I wasn't fast I was just focusing more on moving and will be for awhile but I did it in about 40 minutes... I'm not gonna be setting any records anytime soon but it's better then sitting on my couch or my computer. 

I was told that no matter what I did to make sure that I sweat.  Well thanks to mother nature and the impending thunderstorm that was looming sweating wasn't a problem as the humidity level was ridiculous. 

One awesome thing I did see at this park (Which is awesome by the way -- covered table areas, adult swings, two play grounds, a lake, basketball courts, shuffle board and Frisbee Golf) was kids playing in NOT out causing trouble, NOT sitting at home playing video games -- they were playing intense pick up games of basketball on all courts...They were fun to watch as I walked by a couple times in my walk. 

I just got done lunch in which I wasn't even remotely hungry for but still ate it to keep myself going and only a few more hours then it's homeward bound! I got lots to do but like I said ... not sure I'm going to do any of it -- and I'll be okay with that! 

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