Sunday, May 8, 2016

Cross Flag are up!

Well Well Well ... I've made it to the end of day 11 which means I'm half way (or over half way if you want to get technical :) ) ... and I'm still on track! Unreal isn't it? is for me -- I'm the girl that doesn't ever seem to finish anything.  

I've done fairly well I've had a few rough times but not really "days" ... just moments ... but i've been able to use tools expressed to me to overcome them.  I was close yesterday to having to start back at day 1 if I was honest with myself -- and you -- whoever "you" are ... but it worked out that I didn't have to worry about anything. One of God's great miracles in helping me stay on task. 

I've had company here for the last two days and my schedule has been off and my water drinking way down... the old in me wanted to weigh this morning after they left ... the new in me said NO WAY --- I'm probably bloated and whatnot from the off-routine and I knew if I saw a number on the scale that I wasn't thinking it would completely derail me.  The scale stayed in the cupboard. Another NSV for me.  

However, I might try on the outfit I tried on day 1 tomorrow morning when I wake --- JUST to see how it fits :) That can't really hurt right? Eh ... 

I'm finding myself insanely bored with food choices right now -- mostly just due to my lack of ability (and lets' be honest - motivation) to cook and prepare in the kitchen.  I did go grocery shopping tonight and everything in my cart was 21DSD approved... so I guess I gotta do something with it all now :) 

One more full week and then it's on the downward slope! This has been an amazing eye opening experience for me!! 

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