Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 22 - The End.

I’m not really sure what is supposed to happen today.  It is day 22. I’ve been 21 days of no sugar, no soda and no carbs.  If you had told me 23 days ago I would have made it this far I would have told you no way.  The same answer would have come every day for the next week following.  However, here I sit looking back at a day that seems so far removed and experiencing a day I’ve only dreamed of. It’s true that it takes 3 weeks for things to happen in your body.  You see, I was a soda addict. A sugar addict. A food addict.  I’m not going to claim that I am miraculously cured after only 21 days or 28,000 minutes or even more detailed, 1,814,400 seconds but what I have learned has been life changing.

I was so excited when I woke up because I did it.  I finished something for a change and now I was “free”.  I was free to have whatever I wanted. I mean … that’s what happens right?  A detox is meant to cleanse the body so that you can start over?  What I didn’t realize, even though I should have, is that it is not really the case or as simple as that. However, I woke up and weighed myself (I’ll get to this in a bit) and headed straight to IHOP for my most favorite breakfast of all time, the Double Chocolate Chip Pancakes with Whipped Cream! My mouth was salivating at the thought all the way there.

I sit down and immediately order my meal (time restraint as I headed to work) and I had this weird pang of guilt…like I was cheating.  But I’m not. IT IS DAY 22! I told my conscious to calm down and when they got here I was all but READY to dive in … I couldn’t wait.
The first bite was HEAVEN.  I savored and I chewed, in fact it’s probably the best chewed piece of food ever – I didn’t want to let it go! I wanted to just shove it all in my mouth but I forced myself to go slow and to enjoy each and every bite. About half way through though I started to feel funny.  I started to get random and weird pangs in my stomach.  I put my fork down and drank some water and thought to myself I just need to let it settle – it’s a lot for my stomach at one time. I tried to eat some more – I mean I was only half way through! After a few more bites it just wasn’t going to happen.  My heart started racing, my stomach hurt, I was immediately bloated and just felt nauseous. Well this isn’t fun I thought to myself.

I was sad.

Eating is a very emotional process. Especially when your body, your mind and your heart don’t all agree on how it should feel. I really and truly don’t know how to feel right now.  I know that part of me should be happy that my body is reacting like this to chocolate and sweets yet it’s all I’ve known for 35 years so I’m sad. I’m sad to let it go even though it’s what needs to happen.   

I’m going to give myself a week or so break. I’m not going to blow it and force all this bad stuff on me, however, I am going to relax a bit on my eating. Starting probably around June 1st or so I’ll go another round this time moving up to Level 2 of the program which is a bit more restrictive and add in the exercise daily.

So are you ready to know how much I lost in 21 days?  I lost 18.5 pounds. Just under a pound a day.  I mean that’s amazing right?!?  Mostly it’s just fluid loss and the body reacting which won’t happen every time but it’s a great start to hopefully keep me going! 

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