Friday, May 13, 2016

Oye the pain....

Let's talk about these abdominal pains I'm experiencing! Oye vey... Okay well maybe we don't really need to talk about them but let me clue you in -- they are pretty rough today! My poor body what have I done to you... 

I haven't really been feeling all that well the past few days -- I feel like I'm in some kind of funk right now -- and i'm not sure if it's nutrition based or not.  I haven't been sleeping well that much I know and I pulled a muscle in my neck and my sciatic has flared up.  Tonight I plan on stopping to pick up some pain nighttime help you sleep meds to see if I can kill two birds with one stone -- get some sleep and feel better!  Tomorrow I want to get signed back up at the gym and get in a good workout.  I love to walk outside at my local park but it's getting too hot out for that and the park closes at 8pm which is silly because they sun is barely even setting yet! A lot of outside time wasted... plus it doesn't' even open till 8am! 

Working tomorrow night at the track -- going a bit later though so i'm not there all dang day because it will be hot and then Sunday I'm not sure what my plans are -- road trip maybe? We will see how late I'm out on Saturday!

However, while I was laying in bed last night dreaming of a huge brownie sundae I realized the hashtag I'm going to adopt.. #fitbythirtysix.  Yes I'm 35 now and by my next birthday I want to be "fit" ... whatever "fit" will mean :)  

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