Wednesday, May 4, 2016

Working on day 7....

Day 7. 

I never thought I'd get here to be honest.  On Day 1 I just focused on getting to Day 2 and the same when Day 2 came ... I focused on just getting to Day 3. 

However, here I am chilling on Day 7. I don't really have a headache as much as I have a "heavy" feeling in my head.  I'm not sure what it is but my neck is tired of holding it up LOL Maybe my brain is just busy working overtime trying to make up for all the "crap" it's no longer getting. I'm still tired -- so very tired but I'm trying to allow my body to rest during this phase. To not push it to the max and thankfully my schedule for the most part is allowing it -- which I'm grateful for. Focus I find is still up and down -- sometimes I have great concentration and other times i'm like hey look --- squirrel! Again, I have to believe this is all part of the process of the body working through it's own issues.  It will all come back to me better then ever -- I believe it. 

It's amazing as I sit here to think of the last week and how my "life" didn't change because I made different choices, my friends didn't desert me because I said " No Thank you " and how my co-workers have been amazing at supporting me and understanding when I yawn, snap at them or cry randomly ... You can't do it alone... or at least me for sure! 

I've decided that I am no longer going to step on the scale until day 22. Within the first few days it moved and moved fast as the water/fluid dropped off and I was like all ya whooo I got this. Then for a day or two it didn't move at all and I started to panic ... I thought to myself oh no... what is happening why isn't it moving ... what is going on? All while my clothes are still fitting better... and i'm feeling better.  

So for the next two weeks my main focus is going to be achieving 70,000 steps in a 7 day period and eating on my plan every day. Two simple goals. and 14 days from now we will see where they have taken me. 

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