Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Our Bodies...

... are pretty freaking COMPLICATED!

So in the aspect of full disclosure the past week has been really rough with my body and some things that are happening and receiving some potentially life changing news yesterday for the doctors is going to lead to another two weeks if not more of dealing with same thoughts, feelings and panics.

But with all that happening let's just say that staying on track, healthy eating and exercise isn't working.  However, the ice cream flurry thing I had for diner last night was perfect. That's it.  That's all I had for dinner. I was perfectly okay with it.  I needed just one thing to make me feel like I was in control of the choices I was making and able to enjoy the things I could enjoy. Sometimes I feel like we need to have these moments.  Do they need to be regular occurrences? Nope.

Today I got back on track ... sort of.  It took me a bit to get out of the funk I was in.  I realized that regardless of what's happening I don't have control over any of it and I still need to just so my thing.  My thing is getting fit.  Now more then ever...

I read some of my book, worked on my notes, cooked and cleaned and then watched mindless TV.

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